Starting with Ticket Management

Starting with Ticket Management

While every help desk software has a variety of features all to help tech support manage the problems and requests that customers have. You will always see many different offerings but they all seem to have at least one common feature. This includes the capability for a support representatives to create customer support tickets. Each incoming request that a customer has typically starts with a phone call, email or any type of message to the client. Once the request is submitted its the expectation of the tech support team to handle. It is typically managed in form of a ticket which includes all the details related to the customer inquiry.

In order to offer value to tech support teams and their customers. A software service must provide excellent capability to manage tickets. With Motivware it is of most importance on developing an exceptional ticket management system. As a first step in providing an all-in-one help desk software tool.

What makes a good ticketing system?

When creating a ticket it is important that it includes many attributes to help with organizing and managing it through its lifecycle. Each ticket should include various attributes all that help provide great visibility to the support team. Expect a ticketing system to include a status field that helps indicate what state the ticket is currently under. This will help provide a great way for teams to view and prioritize tickets based off its current state. Each ticket should also include a subject field that describes what the ticket is about. Currently with Motivware you can start creating tickets from the tickets menu.

This is the first iteration with many more to come. If you want to try a new customer support ticketing system please check out or email me at